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Printed window films

Contra Vision® Window Films™ convert windows into one-way vision privacy glass. They also enhance glass with decorative effects and increase its solar performance.

The Contra Vision® effect is achieved by printing different coloured layers of dots, lines or perforated graphics in exact registration, with areas of see-through included in-between.

There are many benefits from adding Contra Vision® to the outside of glass including:

  • reduce solar heat gain, glare, UV radiation and air conditioning costs inside buildings;
  • incorporate colour and signature architectural features to building facades;
  • privacy to people inside;
  • increased glass manifestation including a reduction in bird collisions; and
  • a screen for digital projections on the side of buildings.

Contra Vision offers 3 types of window film to choose from:


Contra Vision® XR™

Contra Vision® XR products are the ultimate in high quality see-through graphics, ideal for corporate branding, privacy and security installations. Our patented technology ensures exact registration of printed see-through graphics on transparent non-perforated window films.

Key benefits include:

  • the screen printed inks have a high light fastness which means they do not fade quickly
  • a range of metallic inks are available for the architecture market
  • available in different transparency levels and “print patterns” including dots and hexagons.
  • non-PVC

Contra Vision® Impress™

Contra Vision® Impress is our patented method for digitally printing one-way vision and see-through graphics onto clear non-perforated materials such as window film. The method can be used on most large format digital printing machines and provides many creative design options as an alternative to conventional perforated window films.

Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film™

Perforated window films are an economical way to enhance glass with one-way vision privacy and solar control. They are easily printed to add colour, graphics and decorative effects to one side of the glass.