Contra Vision Screen Printed Glass Architectural Products Printed Dot Pattern

Contra Vision® XR Ceramic™ Screen Printed Glass

Contra Vision® XR Ceramic™ is manufactured by applying a print pattern (usually dots) of ceramic frit directly onto glass. The dots are a different colour when seen from each side of the glass, which creates a one-way vision effect.

From outside the dots are white or brightly coloured for decoration, privacy, solar control and manifestation. From inside the dots are black to allow the best possible see-through. Contra Vision’s  patented exact registration printing ensures that each colour is only visible from one side of the glass.

Key features

  • Available in a wide range of colours;
  • Simple graphics such as lettering can also be achieved;
  • Various print patterns including lines and hexagons;
  • The size and spacing of the print pattern can be varied to achieve a desired level of transparency, one-way vision privacy and solar control.


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Black dots allow excellent see-through from inside

A red dot pattern was added to the outside of the London building. There is no hint of red in the glass when viewing from inside (see photo of London buses left or above).

Beware of other printing technologies. Ceramic frit dots can also be digitally printed but there will be discernible overlap in the colours. This impacts the quality of the see-through from inside the building, making it blurred. Other types of ink can be used to print more complex graphics including photo images. However, the inks are less durable than ceramic frit and will start to fade in direct sunlight within 10 years.

How to source

We can recommend a glass manufacturer to produce the product under licence. Please contact us for further information.

How to become a supplier

We are keen to work with glass manufacturers to help them become skilled producers Contra Vision® XR Ceramic™. Please contact us for further information.