Contra Vision Digital LED Screen

Contra Vision® Digital LED™

Contra Vision® Digital LED™ is a revolutionary see-through digital LED video screen that doesn't block sunlight and allows through-vision from the inside out.

Contra Vision® Digital LED™ screens are the latest innovation brought to you by the pioneers in see-through window graphics. Each feature high brightness LED's with reduced energy consumption compared with standard screens. A range of pixel pitches are available depending on the audience viewing distance and the nature of the video content. 

Key product details:

  • The screen allows over 65% of light to pass through from the front and from the reverse you can see through the entire display with no visual obstruction
  • Screens can be linked to create a see-through video wall, with stunning results
  • All content can be controlled from one central point, ensuring consistency and instant deployment or marketing messages
  • The screens are portable, easy to install and configure with content
  • Energy efficient


  • Ideal for retail windows, shopping malls, restaurants, transport hubs and events
  • Available in three sizes: 1014mm x 657mm; 1227mm x 817mm; and 1440mm x 977mm
  • For further information about Contra Vision® Digital LED™ screens please contact us