HD Fashion Window

Performance HD White on Black

Performance HD White on Black delivers a dazzling printed image in high definition. The groundbreaking micro perforation pattern, with the world’s smallest-ever perforations, creates minimal disruption to the graphics. This gives high definition quality images, with greater detail than ever before and also provides a smoother see-through from inside.

Performance HD is a white on black 40% transparency (60/40) perforated window film for one-way vision graphics, manufactured to the high specification of our Contra Vision® Performance™ range.

The 1mm diameter holes are 60% smaller in area than standard one-way vision products. This break-through micro perforated window film delivers the clearest and sharpest images to one side and from the other a noticeably improved see-through compared to any other perforated films available.

You can use Performance HD White on Black anywhere that standard perforated film is used, as well as in thousands of places previously not considered. The refined texture and superior appearance will amaze anyone who ever questioned the image quality of perforated window films.

From beyond arm’s length you’ll question whether it’s perforated at all!

Seeing is beliveing

Performance HD White on Black on display at the Retail Design Show, Olympia, London. May 2018.