One-way vision window graphics can also be achieved using unperforated window films. The graphics are printed as a line pattern using two or more layers of ink, with areas of see-through between the lines. Our patented Contra Vision® Impress technology enables you to achieve the best possible registration between the different print layers. We recommend CL50YYR Ultra Clear  as the perfect polyester film for printing both see-through graphics and/or "see around" solid graphics.

Key product features include:

  • 50 micron (2 mil) thick polyester facefilm
  • UV printable
  • Clear solvent acrylic adhesive: medium tack which is cleanly removable for up to 6 months after application
  • Transparent liner: 36 micron (1.4mil) clear siliconised PET release liner
  • Durability: up to 2 years unprinted with vertical exposure
  • Non-PVC