BrandVisors and Vehicle Branding

One-way vision stickers and decals are a highly impactful way to extend branding onto vehicle windows. Contra Vision® Brandvisors on front windows also provide solar shading without blocking the driver's view.

The opportunity:

  • applying Contra Vision® provides strong corporate branding on the outside of the vehicles while maintaining  a clear view through for the driver or passenger
  • there is an immediate reduction in solar heat gain and glare, creating a more pleasant environment within the vehicle
  • the ability to extend the branding over the windows provides greater impact and a more unified design


Fleet Branding

The one-way vision visor reduces solar glare, improving the operator’s visibility of the work, creating a safer and more comfortable working environment.  

Contra Vision® BrandVisors™ ensure that whatever the weather or the construction environment, the corporate identity is always prominent.

Fleet Branding

Extend corporate branding onto the vehicle windows as part of the vehicle livery, while reducing solar heat and glare, making the experience more pleasant for passengers.