Building Wraps

Transform buildings into giant advertising billboard by using Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films which do not block the view from inside the building.

Building Wraps are a highly flexible media, so it is no surprise that they play a valuable role in major product launches, branding campaigns and high profile events. In the age of viral communication, Building Wraps are reassuringly visible, dominating the local skyline and communicating your promotion to the wider community both outside and inside the building.

The opportunity:

  • transform your building into an enormous billboard creating maximum impact 
  • harness your location and its aspect within the community 
  • no need to purchase media space 
  • protect both the view out and the daylight in for those inside 
  • short-term promotions and longer-term branding
  • the larger applications are installed and removed by professional teams

There are a number of factors to consider when customising and specifying the see-through graphics solution for your building wrap: length of campaign, time of year, level of tinting on the glass and the culture of the people inside the building.


Daytime Only

Our standard white on black perforated window films are ideal for delivering a strong daytime image from the outside and good  see-through from the inside.

A lower transparency level gives more “pop” to the image and is preferred by advertisers.

Day and Night

During the hours of darkness, conventional see-through graphics will sometimes suffer from ‘burn-through’. This happens when the lights inside the building are stronger than external illumination, causing the image to fade.

We recommend Performance Translucent White if you require both a daytime image and a stunning back lit image at night.

The see-through performance during the daytime will be impacted by a “ghost” reverse image from the inside.

Digital Projection

Our perforated window films provide the perfect canvas to transform glass buildings into a super screen for digital projection, enabling artists to create stunning effects in very unusual locations.

We would normally recommend our standard white on black 30% transparency (with no printed image). Using Performance Translucent White may be preferable if you want the image to be viewed externally and internally at the same time.