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Retail Window Advertising

Contra vision is a highly effective advertising format to promote brands on retail store windows and entrance doors. It enables prominent and impactful advertising in unexpected locations without blocking the view from inside and still allowing daylight into the store.

Retail is arguably the most demanding environment for advertisers, with brands and retailers all competing for a customer’s attention. Contra Vision offers a range a solutions including one-way vision advertising on storefront windows, entrance doors and even cooler doors at point of purchase.

The opportunity:

  • protect both the view out and the daylight in for those inside 
  • create large scale promotions with impact
  • reduce solar heat and glare, as well as protecting the commodities inside from UV degradation
  • use internal partitions to create a focus in-store 
  • provide privacy or hide unattractive views
  • short-term promotions and longer-term branding 
  • messages can be seen both day and night with the right lighting conditions
  • integrate QR codes, NFC (Near Field Communication) and iBeacon


Full Window Wraps

Full colour window graphics are great for reinforcing a brand or promoting a product or service. The eyes of passers-by are drawn to the advertising and it drives footfall into shops. Shoppers inside retain their view of the street and also benefit from privacy, shading, and reductions in solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation.

We would normally recommend a 30% transparency inside application to achieve the best balance between strength of image outside and the view out/daylight in from the inside.

Other transparencies should be considered depending on a number of factors including the brightness of sunlight and the nature of the retail space inside. Contra Vision®  is also used to disguise empty retail/commercial space when renovations are being made.

Window Highlites

Strips of Contra Vision® provide some view into the retail outlet. They are particularly effective if they are positioned at the top of windows above eye height, with the best example being car showrooms. This helps to shade a significant portion of the most uncomfortable sunlight from outside.

Window Posters

Contra Vision® is the perfect medium to attract attention to products of all types, for a short or long term basis. The posters look more elegant than standard paper based advertisements and maintain a pleasant experience inside the store.

Posters are easy to print in large quantities and then distribute to multiple stores. There are straightforward guidelines for store managers to apply the posters to their windows.


Cooler Doors

Temperature controlled material can be used inside chiller or freezer doors. The door is see-through when it is closed, allowing a clear view of the products inside. The advertisement is on the inside of the door and only becomes visible once opened, grabbing the attention of the customer. The space is perfect to advertise complementary products for cross-selling.

Applying a transparent film on the inside of windows will also improve the energy efficiency of cooler doors.

Hanging Banners

Hanging banners provide yet another option for advertisers and retail managers. They do require application to windows and give flexibility to be used or removed at different points in the day.

Double Sided Images and Designs

There is a tremendous range of creative options for putting an image on both sides, either the same image which could be “right-sided” on both sides or a different image on each side, e.g. some lettering on a reverse side of the advertisement which is only visible from the inside.