Printed Interlayer Montage

Decorative Architectural Glass

Glass has become a dominating feature of modern architecture and design. Contra Vision® products enable architects and designers to enhance glass with decorative effects and to achieve one-way privacy, solar control and manifestation.

Enhance building facades, internal partitions and doors with “one-way vision” decorative effects. This could be a uniform colour or a more complex design or image. From the inside, the decorative effect cannot be seen and the view out remains excellent.

The transparency and print pattern of the graphics can be varied to meet the architect’s requirements for image strength, privacy, solar control and manifestation. We offer three product alternatives:

Contra Vision® Coloured Glass

Contra Vision® architectural glass products can be found on buildings across the world. Vertical columns of metallic gold add sparkle to the Foster + Partners designed 50 UN Plaza, New York, while preserving the through-vision for the residents inside.

Building Wraps

Contra Vision® Performance in a 40% transparency was used to provide colourful window graphics for the newly built Montreal hospital.  The building wrap helps to provide a feeling of joy and wellbeing without blocking the patients’ view from inside the hospital. The graphic can be seen from miles away and has helped turn the building into a local landmark.

Decorative Glass Curtain Walling

Contra Vision® Printed Interlayers were used within the laminated glass façade of the W Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. The blue circles add a striking and modern character to the building but are invisible from the inside.