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One-Way Vision Glass Partitions

Contra Vision® is ideal for providing privacy, one-way vision viewing and decorative interior design inside buildings. It is extremely adaptable and our window films are very easy to install and remove.

The opportunity:

  • We recommend non-perforated window films for quality and a great looking design feature. 
  • Printed line patterns are an excellent way to display text and messages in the form of one-way graphics.
  • The level of see-through can be varied to get the optimum balance of image strength and see-through from inside.
  • Signs can be produced for either inside or outside window application.
  • Option to print areas of solid graphics (selective blocking) to incorporate small font lettering, QR codes etc.
  • Add a second graphic to the reverse side of the film which is also one-way vision.


One-Way Vision Viewing Panels

The first photo shows the view into a “test centre” through a one-way vision viewing panel. It allows assessors to monitor candidates without being seen.  

From inside the room the candidates are distracted by a colourful photograph rather than an unsettling mirror which is the usual device for achieving one-way vision effects. Any graphic can be used on the Contra Vision® viewing panel, with brighter colours giving the best privacy.

Decorative Glass Partitions

To create privacy and add interest to the considerable amount of glass partitions installed at Newcastle University, Komfort applied Contra Vision® Performance™ to all the partitions and doors with stunning results.