Contra Vision Ltd owns the Intellectual Property Rights to over 30 inventions, in addition to Trade Marks in over 20 countries worldwide.

These inventions include the two so-called dominant patents which together encompass every type of see-through window graphics, however they are made, the first in the patent family of GB 2165292, having a design superimposed on an opaque "print pattern" ("silhouette pattern") and the second in the patent family of EP 0880439, having a design superimposed on a translucent print pattern, the latter being capable of being backlit, hence the trade mark Contra Vision® BACKLITE.

Individual "finished products" are typically independently protected by one or more "improvement patents" typically related to the method of production. One patent family is "licensed in" for re-licensing by the Contra Vision Group.

Contra Vision continues to innovate and apply for patent protection for its inventions. 

Download the latest Patent Schedule here.